Evans Heads

Evans Drumheads has been in the music industry for more than 40 years. Decades ago, Evans was the pioneer of drumhead manufacturing and design. Today, we they the innovators.

Most people don't realized that Evans invented the synthetic (or plastic, or polyester) drumhead in 1956. Chick Evans was the first person to use polyester film to form a drumhead, succeeding in creating a weatherproof head, and ultimately changing the drum world forever.

Tremendous efforts and unprecedented breakthroughs have been made in improving Chick's invention. The results are evident from the countless compliments that Evans receives daily from professionals, amateurs, hobbyists and students alike. Consistency is unparalleled. The sound is unbelievable. Durability has reached an all-time high. Plus, Evans recently became the first and only drumhead manufacturer to be certified ISO9001 compliant, a certification that proves their commitment to quality.

Evans has raised the bar on drumhead quality and consistency. For example, it was Evans who introduced a water-cooled molding process, which preserves the integrity of the head's center. Development of such products as the MX Marching heads, Tri-Center Conga and Bongo heads, and the EMAD bass drumhead illustrate Evans' commitment to setting new standards, with no sign of slowing down.

Marko has endorsed Evans since 1998, and uses:

  • Toms:  Genera 1 on the top, Genera 2 on the bottom

  • 20" Bass Drum:  EQ3

  • 18" Bass Drum: Genera 1

  • 14" Snare: STdry

  • 13" Snare: Genera 1

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