Mapex Drums

Marko plays a variety of Mapex kits. He owns a newer Horizon kit, but also has an older Saturn kit. Here is some information about each of these high quality products.

Mapex Horizon Series

The all-new Horizon Series is loaded with features you simply can't find anywhere else in its price range. Horizon is the perfect choice for the serious beginner or the ideal second set for the player on the go.

The all basswood shell and the newly redesigned Isolated Tom System (I.T.S.) ensure that Horizon delivers full rich tone and remarkable sustain. Horizon's newly designed tom holder accommodates an optional auxiliary cymbal placement. Horizon is available in several popular configurations and a variety of durable and attractive covered finishes. With every Horizon Series drum set is a full set of all-new 500 Series Mapex Hardware, which feature multi-sustain cymbals felts, newly designed ergonomic memory locks and double braced legs.

7.2mm basswood shells with new, durable, high-gloss, wrapped finishes
New Double Tom Holder with auxiliary cymbal placement position
Re-engineered Mapex Isolated Tom Mount System (ITS)
New Tom Bracket for quick set-up and tear down
New low profile cushioned bass drum claw hooks
New 500 Series Hardware
Newly designed memory locks for extra security
Multi-sustain cymbal felts on 500 Series stands
Retractable boom arm on B500 Boom Stand

Mapex Saturn Series

The Mapex Saturn is ideal for any professional studio application and has been extensively tested on tours by Mapex artists for years. Saturn is available in a wide variety of complete drum sets and shell packs. A multitude of components can be added to complete any desired set-up. With its unique thin maple and walnut shell, Saturn produces a deep, rich tone that thousands of players have made their drum of choice.

The incredibly thin composite maple and walnut shell has made the Saturn Series a favorite among professional players. With its wide tuning range and its rich, powerful bottom end, Saturn performs as well in the studio as it does in a concert hall. Saturn configurations are available with a full complement of 750 Series hardware or as shell packs.

6-ply, 7.5mm bass drums, 5.1mm toms, two interior walnut plies, four exterior maple plies
Eight-coat, hand applied deep gloss lacquer finish
Exclusive Isolated Tom Mounting System on all toms
Exclusive Isolated Tom Mounting System on bass drums
Choose from Chrome or Black hardware
Spring-loaded floor tom legs
Low mass, single-point-of-contact lugs
Low profile, cushioned, dies cast bass drum claw hooks
2.3mm Steel Mapex Powerhoops


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