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"It's one thing to be a brilliant drummer, with impeccable time and phenomenal technique; it's another to be one that can compose and arrange with the best of them. Marko does exactly that on Where I Come From. On top of it all, he surrounds himself with the finest talent, creating a musical juggernaut that breaks all boundaries. It's music steeped in tradition yet entirely original!" - Gonzalo Silva, Metronom Magazine

Drummer Marko Djordjevic has written a very beautiful ballad in "Don't Be Sad." The melody is a simple plea. The playing is virtuosic. Sveti produces a compelling sound. -

This album by the Serbian virtuoso and his group Sveti invites us on a musical odyssey. Rich in rhythm, color, texture and melody has already won praise from critics in the US. A great musician is inviting you in - feel free to enter! - Philippe Legare, Batteur Magazine, France

Marko is a world class drummer and composer. He is one of the best and perhaps the most stylistically original drummer in contemporary music today. This CD shows Marko's prowess as a hard swinging jazz player, a master of odd metered folkloric music, an amazing soloist and a truly original composer. Buy this CD! You may just hear the shape of things to come in modern drumming. - Lucas Pickford, bassist extraordinaire

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Marko and Sveti will play the Blue Note NYC on 6.19.10. Click here for tickets!


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Marko will be joined by Damien Erskine and Jeff Ellwood for an exclusive Drum Channel concert on April 15 at 6:00 p.m. PST. Go here to bookmark the show page and to get more information!


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