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For more than ten years SVETI has been the creative outlet for Djordjevic. As the composer for SVETI, he writes music inspired by the rich musical tradition of his Balkan roots, but with a nod to the “Western” artists who have influenced him; from Coltrane and Weather Report to Zappa and the Police.

The evolution of the group’s sound is documented on three album releases. The self-titled debut, SVETI, and
the 2001 follow up, Live Kolach were released by Benito Records. The new album, Where I Come From, is out
on Firma Entertainment.

The working group, in different formations from trio to septet, features Brad Mason (trumpet), Eli Degibri
(sax), Nir Felder (guitar), Elliot Mason (trombone), Aaron Goldberg (piano) and Matt Pavolka (bass). The group is currently touring in support of Where I Come From.

On the wide-ranging talent of this group, Phil Di Pietro of Allaboutjazz proclaimed “SVETI is a group of absolutely monster musicians.”

Clarence Spady

Marko regularly performs with singer/guitarist Clarence Spady.

The Jazz Café in Hong Kong touted Clarence “ as a soulful singer and hot guitarist who takes the blues of BB King and Albert Collins, and mixes it with the soul of Ray Charles and some funk of James Brown”… In short, Clarence is one of those artists that can actually move people. He brings out a range of emotions in you throughout his performances and recordings.

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Gypsy Boogie

Marko regularly performs with this great band in New York City!

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Sten Hostfalt

New York City Jazz Guitar virtuoso, composer and bandleader Sten Hostfalt is internationally recognized as one of few musicians worldwide who can create and perform new original music beyond the tempered 12-tone system. His self-invented interpretative techniques for the standard 6 string/12 fret guitar are unique, expanding and updating the vocabulary & practice for today's most played, most popular instrument.

Hostfalt freely operates in contexts from Mainstream/Contemporary and Avant Jazz to Pop. He draws upon an initially self-taught technique using a vocabulary of the '80s European DIY independent progressive scene and mixed with classical instrumental training and composition.

A critically acclaimed New York City-based bandleader, Hostfalt has been featured in major press including JAZZ TIMES MAGAZINE, NEW YORK TIMES and ALL MUSIC GUIDE for work as a sideman alongside some of the world's most innovative musicians. Just releasedis the CD 'QUARTET', which focuses on original compositions.

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Marko Sideman

Bree Sharp
"David Duchovny"

Don DiLego
"The Vegas Man"

Jonah Smith
"My Morning Scene"

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Marko Djordjevic is a "musician's drummer" with a creative and collaborative spirit. He is currently doing session work and live performances as a sideman all over the world.

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